Alan Titchmarsh wife's iconic response to unexpected 'sex symbol' status

Alan Titchmarsh and wife Alison
Alan Titchmarsh and wife Alison share a cheeky sense of humour -Credit:REX/Shutterstock

Alan Titchmarsh's wife had a legendary reaction to his unexpected 'sex symbol' status.

Alan - widely recognised for his horticultural prowess - has surprisingly become the talk of Madame Tussaud's staff. Back in 2009, the beloved gardener was at the heart of saucy gossip about his wax figure, which had been on display since 2001, following a mischievous alteration to his Wikipedia page.

A sneaky edit to the online profile led readers to believe that Alan's waxwork was 'one of the most fondled' exhibits in the museum, second only to Brad Pitt's, with enthusiastic women leaving their lipstick marks on his waxy visage, reports the Mirror.

Allegedly, a representative commented: "Oh, yes, Alan gets kissed so often that we regularly take his head off for a clean." The same Wikipedia entry also falsely claimed that Alan was an expert on the Kama Sutra and was set to publish a guide on the subject.

According to the Daily Express, Alan dismissed these outrageous rumours at the time, yet he conceded that the alleged affection shown towards his wax figure was 'very flattering'.

He clarified: "As for claims I am writing a book about the Kama Sutra absolute rubbish! I've got a new series of gardening guides coming out, that's it."

Alan found himself at the centre of racy rumours ( Image: Getty Images) -Credit:Getty Images
Alan found himself at the centre of racy rumours ( Image: Getty Images) -Credit:Getty Images

During a 2012 interview, Alan, who turns 75 today, recalled how his wife Alison views his status as a 'sex symbol'.

He said with amusement: "They tell me that's true. I've never been round to check though. I am a bit bewildered by the attention I think it's because I look pretty harmless."

He further added: "Alison treats it with great amusement and a raised eyebrow. I've always thought it's a great big joke and the minute I take it seriously someone will say 'Come off it, we were only kidding'!"

In the same chat, Alan couldn't hold back his laughter when thinking about the moment Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gave him his MBE and amusingly said: "You've given a lot of ladies a lot of pleasure."

Thinking back on her words, he firmly clarified: "She must have been referring to the talk I'd just given to the Sandringham WI. It went well."

Fast-forward to 2015 - three years after the incident, Alan opened up yet again about an incident concerning a somewhat raunchy waxwork, revealing his wife Alison's humour about the situation.

He confessed: "I'm chuffed to bits I had a waxwork that was kissed a lot... But it raised eyebrows from the children and wife. When we heard about it, Alison thought they must have been talking about someone else."

Alan and Alison, who first crossed paths at an amateur dramatics group, exchanged vows in 1975.

The couple are proud parents to daughters Polly, 43, and Camilla, 41, who couldn't help but rib their father about his alleged fervent fanbase.

Recalling the amusing incident, Alan shared with The Telegraph: "My daughters tell me it's because my model is next to Brad Pitt's, so visitors get us confused."

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