Alarm played on loop at Cardiff Central railway station leaving people confused

People in Central Square in Cardiff were left confused as a message blared out on loudspeakers for more than five minutes on a quiet Monday morning. Initially seeming to be a signal for a staff member, the message emanated from Cardiff Central Station.

It was played on loop for two periods on Monday, July 1 - the latter lasting for more than five minutes and leaving people in the square bemused. For the latest Cardiff news, sign up to our newsletter here.

The message was so loud that it could be heard loud and clear from the opposite end of the square. It started with the phrase "would the superintendent of the line please return to the carriage depot."

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This was then followed by four blasts of a horn before the message repeated - with this going on for several minutes. Commuters and others in the area were openly wondering what the purpose of the broadcast was, and whether a staff member had gone missing.

One joked "he's asleep," in response to the call for the superintendent. A TfW spokesperson confirmed the sound was played as part of "routine alarm testing" - meaning there was no unlucky superintendent who forgot to show up to work.