Alex Hollywood breaks her silence on 'difficult' divorce from 'Bake Off' star Paul


Paul Hollywood’s ex Alex has spoken out for the first time about her “difficult” divorce from the Great British Bake Off star, saying her life is “amazing” now.

Chef Alex Hollywood was married to baker Paul for 20 years and the pair have a 17-year-old son together, but their relationship came to a bitter end in 2017 and the divorce arrangements are still rumbling on two years later.

Talking for the first time about the split to Hello!, Alex said she had lost her own identity during her marriage.

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She said: "This is time for me, now. I haven’t been me for so many years because, like a lot of women, I lost my sense of self and gave myself to everyone else.

“I’m heading in a different direction to the one I'd anticipated, but I'm enjoying the ride and feel excited about the future.”

Explaining how much her life had improved since becoming single, she said: “I am in a good place and really excited about what’s ahead.

“I think of it as a bit like a bungee jump. You feel nervous before it happens, but when you make that leap you think, this is amazing."

Alex said it had been a tough couple of years, but that she refused to let the split define her.

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“For anyone going through a divorce, it’s the most difficult thing,” she said. “People underestimate how challenging it is.

“It’s been a turbulent time, but I’ve dealt with it by being resolute about getting through it.

“My divorce is a chapter in my life – it’s not the book."

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Paul recently hit headlines again when he split with barmaid Summer Monteys-Fullam, 24, after she refused to sign a gagging order about their romance.

However, Alex, 53, has vowed not to start dating again until a line has firmly been drawn under her marriage.

She said: "I'm not even divorced yet. Until that’s complete, I won't even consider it."