The One Show's Alex Jones admits: I thought my time for having children had passed

Watch: Alex Jones is expecting her third child

Alex Jones has admitted she thought she had missed the chance to have any more children.

The One Show – who has two sons, four-year-old Teddy and two-year-old Kit, with husband Charlie Thomson – recently announced she is expecting a baby girl - which was a surprise even to her.

Jones, 44, told Closer: “It's a huge gift. I suppose deep down I would never have said it because we were so lucky to have two lovely boys, but having a girl was always something that was there.

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"I thought our time had passed and it wasn't going to happen."

Alex Jones, host of The One Show (BBC)
Alex Jones, host of 'The One Show', is expecting her third child at 44. (BBC)

The Welsh TV presenter also admitted that she and her husband are both delighted to be having a daughter – but had been too scared to admit to one another they were hoping for a baby girl, until they had the gender confirmed.

Jones revealed: “We both said how amazing three boys would be. Then when we opened the email which told us what sex the baby was, [Charlie's] little face was a picture.

“We were too scared to say it, but I think we both felt the same. We both secretly thought it would be amazing if it was a girl. It’ll be really interesting to see the different dynamics.”

Alex Jones hosts 'The One Show' which has been giving viewers tips on how to get through lockdown. (Ray Burmiston/BBC)
Alex Jones and her husband are delighted to be having a baby girl. (BBC)

The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant recently revealed that she had been completely unaware she might be pregnant again - and put her feelings of tiredness down to her new vegan diet.

She said: "This is ridiculous in a third pregnancy, but I didn't realise the clues were there because I honestly blamed everything on the veganism."

Jones - who has hosted BBC's The One Show since 2010 - married her husband in 2015 and was worried that at 38 she had left it too late to conceive.

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She opened up about her own fertility struggles in BBC Two documentary Alex Jones - Fertility & Me. She fell pregnant with her first son Teddy in 2016.

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