Aliyah's Interlude comes out as pansexual & says she 'loves the gays'

Aliyah's Interlude Comes Out Pansexual It Girl
Aliyah's Interlude Comes Out Pansexual It Girl

You know she is that girl!

Aliyah's Interlude became an overnight success thanks to her catchy bop "IT GIRL" blowing up on TikTok and taking over the clubs late last year.

Since her first smash hit, the star is evolving in both music and fashion and has even merged her two passions with her latest single "Fashion Icon."

"It feels so great and amazing. I love that I get to venture into another genre of art besides fashion! Music has been a vibe. I love 'Fashion Icon' because I'm a fashion girlie before anything. It's been a really great experience for sure," Aliyah tells PRIDE.

With her star on the rise, Aliyah has quickly won over the hearts of her passionate fanbase, which is mainly made up of hot girls and dedicated gays.

"I be at the gay clubs! When I tell you, the gays are always my number one support group... I love the gays! As somebody who's a part of the LGBTQ+ community themselves, that feels so satisfying. For a very long time, I wasn't out and I wasn't doing all the things that I do now. To have the girls and the gays support me... I'm really happy about it."

For quite some time, Aliyah identified as bisexual, but now she's proudly coming out as pansexual!

"I give myself pansexual. At first, I was like 'I'm a bisexual queen,' but I feel like that doesn't encompass everything I do. I like pansexual for me! I know Pride is coming up, so I need to be outside for sure."

"Fashion Icon" is available everywhere now. To see the full interview with Aliyah's Interlude, check out the video below.

Aliyah's Interlude Comes Out as Pansexual & Says She 'Loves the Gays'