All About Gaz

It’s Wednesday afternoon, I was considering things to write about and after watching Ex on the Beach last night, I thought it’d be fitting to write about Geordie Shore star Gary Beadle and how his time in the Villa has been so far…


Gaz has had a pretty hectic time in the villa so far, hasn’t he? It all started pretty well for the Reality TV star when his ex, Charlotte Dawson rocked up. They were clearly more mates than anything else so for Gaz, that was a good start. It didn’t take long for Gaz to get a bit of action either after he bedded Jemma Lucy and then soon after that, the start of a fling with Olivia Walsh began; still going strong(ish) in last nights episode.

Things started to get a little pear shaped for Gary, though, when former flame Lillie arrived. Gaz split up with Lillie at an airport when jetting off to film for Geordie Shore; basically he had to make a choice between the show and her, and it was little surprise that he picked the thing that has got him where he is today. When she first arrived at the Villa, it appeared that what she really wanted, was to show the public who she was and just how ‘bad’ Gary had treated her. My opinion on Lillie is that she is just fame-hungry, she soon got with Bear and that continued off screen, without a doubt - she realized how far Bear could go in the Reality TV Industry and I think she tried to use that; but for Bear to do what Bear does best, and that is cheat, this time on Celebrity Big Brother with Chloe Khan - who is now dating Ashley Cain! My goodness, it swings in roundabouts!

Anyway, back to Gaz, he had several heart to hearts with Lillie, and it didn’t take long for the gossip to come to her attention about him bedding both Jemma and Olivia. Little did Gaz know things were set to get much, much worse for him. Another of Gaz’s exes arrived on the beach, this time Chrysten Zenoni. The gorgeous Australian touched down in the Villa and then dropped the bomb shell that she had slept with Gaz whilst he was with Lillie! Oh dear Gaz - I feel for you.


If that wasn’t bad enough, then the Ex on the Beach producers then made things even worse for Gary when another girl he cheated with behind Lillie’s back - Mel Reeves - arrived! Good luck, Gaz.

Surely things can’t get any worse for the Geordie? Or can they? He did say that he cheated with three people behind Lillie’s back so it is very possible that the third lass will appear! The thing that strikes me is how the producers are so sharp and manage to find the likes of 19 year old Chysten Zenoni from down under… Huge credit to them for doing so because it sure does create heck of a lot of drama!

That’s all for today - I’ll be back soon so don’t worry too much.