Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts give fans the creeps as 'The Shining' twins

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Amanda Holden has revealed she was once told to steal food on a holiday with her mother. (Brett Cove/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Amanda Holden wore an outfit inspired by 'The Shining' for Halloween. (Getty Images)

Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts chilled fans by dressing as The Shining twins for Halloween.

The stars donned matching pale blue baby doll dresses with pink ribbons around the waist for their Heart radio show on Friday (29 October).

Both had their blonde hair pulled back with pink clips and wore ghoulish make-up to complete their spooky look.

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Their co-star Jamie Theakston also got in on the act, grabbing an axe and making a rather crazed expression as he took on Jack Nicholson’s role from the 1980 thriller.

Fans thought the outfits were "amazing", with one tweeting about how "creepy" they looked and another confessing: "I'm freaking scared!"

And it wasn't just the fans that got a fright.

Theakston also made sure Holden got a scare by laying on a series of surprises for her as she arrived at work on the radio show.

As she walked through the doors the star was greeted by creepy characters such as Dracula and a circus skeleton who bellowed: “You didn't expect this at 6am, did you?"

When Holden got to her desk she was terrified to see someone crawling beneath it, shrieking: “For f**** sake!”

Taking a closer look, she realised it was a contortionist who had once appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.

Fans were thoroughly impressed by the lengths Theakston had gone to in order to give Holden a good scare.

“Absolutely loved this,” one person posted on Instagram, while another said it was “brilliant”.

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“Omg... I would have fainted,” confessed another.

One posted: “Fair play to@noholdenback... Took it like a Champ.”

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