'Amazing' Australian Octopus Demonstrates Camouflage Ability in Kelp Garden

A scuba diver observed a Maori octopus changing color in its natural habitat, captured in footage taken off the coast of Rye in Victoria, Australia, on January 29.

In the video, the Maori octopus is seen moving along the ocean floor around a garden of kelp as it camouflages its skin to blend in with its surroundings.

According to the Derwent Estuary, the Maori octopus, the largest octopus species found in southern Australia, is known to attack and eat other octopuses.

Willeka Cox, the diver who shot the footage, told Storyful she was “lucky to come across” the creature.

“It was so impressive and amazing the way he moved and camouflaged,” she said. Credit: Willeka Cox via Storyful

Video transcript