'It's an amazing thing to do:' Sam and Billie Faiers defend breastfeeding and bath photos


Reality TV sisters Sam and Billie Faiers have defended their parenting and choices to share breastfeeding and bath snaps on social media.

The former Towie stars were interviewed on Lorraine on Monday morning ahead of the new series of their fly-on-the-wall show The Mummy Diaries where they talked about coming under fire for their intimate posts about their children.

Sam, who has shared many photos of herself breastfeeding her children and sometimes received negative comments online, said she couldn’t understand criticisms of the pictures and was proud to encourage other young mums to breastfeed.

“Yeah I don’t get it. I don’t really understand it.

“I don’t post that I breastfeed all the time, but I only do it because where I have got a platform, and I am a young mum, I feel like there’s not enough of it sometimes, and I feel like so many young mums don’t know that there’s another option and it’s such an amazing thing to do, I feel like it’s getting the word out there.

“So many young mums have been like, ‘I never, ever would have imagined that I’d breastfeed, and because of how open you are…’ watching the show, they do. And that’s what I really want to do,” Sam revealed.

Viewers offered their support to Sam, with one commenting: “Breastfeeding is surely the most natural and healthiest thing to do in the world for the baby.”

Another tweeted: “It’s the most natural thing in the world…good on you for this. I have three beautiful children and I breastfed them all.”

Meanwhile, sister Billie spoke out about a snap she shared of her daughter Nelly in a bubble bath, which some people had criticised her for.

“I just thought it was such a cute, funny picture. I didn’t see anything negative when I posted it.

“I find it uncomfortable. I think that people even suggesting…it’s a bit strange. Why are people saying that? It’s just an innocent picture,” Billie said.

Sam added that it isn’t just people online who she finds herself defending her parenting choices to – she’s also had some discussions with friends about the family’s sleeping arrangements, which involve her husband Paul sharing a room with their two-year-old son, also Paul, and her sleeping in a room with baby Rosie.

“Even my friends are like, ‘When are you going to get Rosie in her own cot?’,” she said.

“But for me, our whole household get sleep. Although I will say, this week, I’m decorating for little Paul, his own room. The plan is to get little Paul in his own bedroom, so I’ve made it all nice for him, with an animal theme.”

Lorraine continues on weekdays at 8.30am on ITV.

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