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Monsters of the deep! Russian fisherman reveals jaw-dropping collection of bizarre ocean creatures

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These bizarre creatures may look like something from outer space but they were all found in the oceans of planet Earth.

Trawlerman Roman Fyodorov’s has racked up hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram for his collection of weird sea creatures.

Among the latest additions to his collection include a weird shark-like creature with bright red bug eyes which the fisherman dubbed “fish zombie”.

Mr Fyodorov, from the city of Murmansk in north-western Russia’s Arkhangelsk Oblast region, said: “By the way, very famous and delicious fish!”

The fisherman’s job – in charge of fish processing on his boat – means he gets to see all kinds of marine creatures and he regularly posts photos of the more unusual ones found in the nets.

He works for around three months at a time on expeditions and has sailed around the world, including on the waters of Africa and the Atlantic.

Mr Fyodorov is very proud of his collection but – just like the rest of us – has no idea what they actually are…

Glow in the dark

There are no words to describe these yellow eyes other than ‘very yellow’ (CEN)

Seeing red

This creature is either really angry or is wearing some really cool fishy specs (CEN)

Eyes wide open

Those are some of the most bulbous eyes we’ve ever seen on a fish – or on anything (CEN)

Jurassic Shark

This creature looks like a cross between a fish and a dinosaur, which is never a good thing (CEN)

Something fishy

Somehow this sea creature looks more like a rodent than anything fishy (CEN)

Green-eyed monster

This fish is clearly jealous of his other fishy pals with those green eyes (CEN)

The thing

What this creature is is anyone’s guess – but it looks like something you’d find in a science fiction film (CEN)

Not alien

Incredibly, this red fish is one of the more normal-looking creatures caught up in Roman Fyodorov’s net (CEN)


A shark caught up in the net is seemingly devoid of teeth (CEN)


Some fishy braces are perhaps needed for this freaky fish (CEN)

Toothy grin

With teeth like that, it’s a miracle this creature just didn’t eat its way out of the net (CEN)


This slimy creature is just one of several weird fish found under the oceans of the world (CEN)

Who are you looking at?

You wouldn’t find fish like this in a home aquarium (CEN)

Open wide

You probably wouldn’t want to see this gawping at you when having a leisurely swim in the sea (CEN)

Three for the price of one

These look like mutant snails – which you probably wouldn’t want in your garden (CEN)


This could literally be anything – it’s hard to categorise it (CEN)


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