Amy Jo Johnson And Jason David Frank’s Daughter Had A Sweet Exchange On A Post About The Power Rangers Actor

 Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank in 2017 Power Rangers reboot movie
Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank in 2017 Power Rangers reboot movie

Last year, Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank died at the age of 49. So naturally when what would have been his 50th birthday came on September 4, many people took time to think about the man who brought Tommy Oliver to life across many of the franchise’s TV shows and even a few movies. This included his daughter Jenna Frank, which led to her sharing a sweet exchange with her father’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers costar Amy Jo Johnson on social media.

Johnson, who played Kimberly Hart, the aforementioned show’s original Pink Ranger, chimed in on Jenna’s Instagram post, where the young woman shared some pictures of her with her father and talked about how much she still misses him. After reading the kind works written about Jason David Frank, Johnson wrote the following in the comments section:

I love you @jennarfrank ❤️you are an incredible woman.

Tommy, who started out on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers as the Green Ranger and later became the White Ranger, and Kimberly shared a close bond on the show, as they slowly formed a romantic relationship after Tommy joined the team following his introductory arc that saw him being brainwashed into being Rita Repulsa’s pawn. Though Amy Jo Johnson departed Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers in Season 3, she and Tommy arguably remain one of the Power Rangers franchise’s most well-known couples, and Jason David Frank and Johnson remained close for years afterwards. After reading what the actress said about her father, Jenna Frank wrote:

@atothedoublej I love you❤️

Shortly after Jason David Frank’s death was confirmed to the public, Tammie Frank, his wife, shared that he’d “lost his life to suicide,” and that she and her husband had been trying to work through their problems prior to his passing. Jenna Frank referenced this in her Instagram post, writing that they “struggled with the same mental health problems” and he “always” understood her “when nobody else did.” Jenna concluded her post by promising to “break the curse,” wishing him a happy 50th birthday and calling him her “biggest angel,” which had been his nickname for her.

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Amy Jo Johnson was among the Power Rangers alums who paid tribute to Jason David Frank following his death. Following her departure from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Johnson reprised Kimberly in 1997 for Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, then she and Frank cameoed in the 2017 Power Rangers reboot as Angel Grove citizens. While neither Johnson nor Frank appeared in this year’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Once & Always, which can be viewed with a Netflix subscription, their characters did appear suited up, along with archived audio and footage being utilized. Frank was also acknowledged in a tribute at the end of the 30th anniversary special alongside Thuy Trang, who played original Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan and died in 2001.

Although Johnson isn’t set to play Kimberly again on screen anytime soon, if ever again, the actress is writing a new Power Rangers comic book series for Boom! Studios with her partner/director Matt Hotson. The next Power Rangers series, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury (which continues the story from Dino Fury’s two seasons) premieres on Netflix September 29, and will feature OG Blue Ranger Billy Cranston, reprised by David Yost, in a starring role.