Andor's Diego Luna on why he's happy the show is ending with season 2

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Diego Luna is happy Andor is ending with season 2Alexander Tamargo - Getty Images

Andor star Diego Luna has opened up about why he's glad that his hit Star Wars series is ending with its upcoming season two.

Luna stars in the titular role, which is a spin-off of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (which was a spin-off itself). The first season was met with positive reviews and a second season is now on the way.

But season two will be the show's final outing — and Luna explained to Variety why he is glad that is the case.

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Alexander Tamargo - Getty Images

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"It’s been bittersweet because every day I know I’m a day closer to the end. It was really nice to approach a series knowing there’s an ending. It doesn’t happen!" Luna said.

"The new conversation on set with streaming is people talking about the possible future. Like, ‘Well, there might be a second season or a third season. This thing of leaving everything open I think is bringing anxiety to actors that needs to be treated. We’re all thinking about something that we can’t know."

Luna clarified that Andor season two will end right where Rogue One starts, explaining that this makes his Star Wars story feel like a "long film."

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"It has a beginning and an end. We all know what’s going to happen. There’s something interesting with the second season, which is that I have a different feeling every day I go to set," Luna said.

Previously, Luna said that it is important for his "mental health" that the show ends after the second season and doesn't continue.

"This is the last season for Andor. It is just a two-season show, which is really important for my mental health. But knowing this is the end, I want to enjoy it and get the best out of this experience," Luna said.

Andor is streaming on Disney+.

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