Andrea Datzman’s ‘Inside Out 2’ Score Gets Vinyl Release From Mutant | Exclusive

Chances are you’ve already seen “Inside Out 2,” given its staggering box office haul. And chances are that you have laughed and cried along with Riley and her emotions, and that you’ve hung on every note of the movie’s exceptional score by Andrea Datzman.

Daztman’s score, which is just as evocative and enchanting as the original score by Michael Giacchino (who co-produced this time around), will be getting the physical media treatment from Mutant, in collaboration with Walt Disney Records. This limited-edition physical media release is pressed on 2x 140gm color vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring artwork by Nicole Gustafsson, and features liner notes by composer Datzman.

“The score to ‘Inside Out 2’ is as playful and unpredictable as you’d expect for a story about the brain of a teenager,” says Mo Shafeek, Mutant co-founder. “Andrea Datzman brilliantly blends Riley’s past (the iconic melodies of the first film) time with Riley’s present, creating a score so dynamic and infectious, it feels like it could be blasted from the speakers at a stadium pop concert.”

“Putting on an album on vinyl is truly an engaging listening experience, which has become more rare. It’s a physical ritual that means switching gears to engage with something you enjoy,” Datzman told TheWrap about the score’s physical release. “I’ve always loved listening to records, because when I do I listen with more intention, and it represents a moment that I’m actually choosing to do what I want with my time so I really savor it. Plus, the album art alone is so cool and worth buying it for!”

When we asked Datzman what moment in “Inside Out 2” makes her cry, she told us that there were a couple of moments. And spoiler alert for those who have not watched the sequel yet. “Oh boy does this movie make me cry! I thought after all this time of watching these scenes they would lose their effect on me, but no. I cry every time Riley’s Emotions hug her sense of self, she takes that deep breath and comes back into focus with all of her senses, when her fingers feel the bench,” Datzman said. “I cry when she makes up with Bree and Grace. And I bawl in the end when Riley catches herself in the mirror and Joy says “every messy, beautiful part of her”. I cry because I love Riley so much and I am so proud of her! Growing up is so hard, and Riley and her emotions are teaching us compassion and resilience the hard-won way!”

As for her favorite cue on the record, Datzman said: “For a moment I thought there was no way I could pick a favorite cue, but then I remembered, What’s the Big Idea? I love the big climax cues and all, but that brainstorm scene was so much fun to write! When I was writing it there was a freak late spring rainstorm that came out of nowhere and really helped inspire me,” Datzman said. “The moment that I locked into that alternating time signature pattern everything lined up in this magical way with the onscreen action. Every time I hear it I can’t help smiling and mini-conducting along with it.”

Pre-orders for the album will go live at at 10am PT/12pm CT/1pm ET.

Inside Out 2 Vinyl

“Inside Out 2”Original Motion Picture soundtrack

Music by Andrea Datzman

Artwork by Nicole Gustafsson

Gatefold jacket housed in a die-cut o-card

Featuring liner notes by composer Andrea Datzman

Pressed on Mutant Webstore exclusive color vinyl



Side One

1. “Outside Intro” 0:55

2. “Go Team!” 2:26

3. “The Life of Riley” 2:32

4. “Thread the Needle” 1:06

5. “Riley Protection System” 2:46

6. “Creating a Sense of Self” 1:30

7. “Demo Day” 1:57

8. “Ride and Prejudice” 2:18

9. “Anxious to Meet You” 2:21

Side Two

1. “Seeking Val-idation” 1:44

2. “Sending Out an S.o.S.” 2:45

3. “Bloofy & Co.” 2:59

4. “Flight for Fighting” 2:49

5. “Fawn of a New Day” 0:56

6. “Return to Imagination Land” 1:08

7. “To Project and Disserve” 3:19

8. “What’s the Big Idea?” 2:30

Side Three

1. “Red Hairing” 1:17

2. “Recovering a Sense of Self” 2:54

3. “Joyless” 1:53

4. “The Puck Drops Here” 2:58

5. “A Mind at Freeze” 2:44

6. “Growing Up Is Hard to Do” 4:18

7. “Glide and Joy” 2:00

Side Four

1. “Every Messy, Beautiful Part of Her” 2:43

2. “Inside Outro” 2:21

3. “Done Track Mind” 8:15

4. “Sense of Self Theme” (Strings Version) 3:04*

5. “Sense of Self Theme” (Solo Piano) 1:34*

*Physical Media exclusive

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