Andrea McLean admits she ‘still feels lost’ after quitting ‘Loose Women’ following breakdown

Andrea McLean announced she was leaving the show in 2020. (PA)
Andrea McLean announced she was leaving the show in 2020. (PA)

Andrea McLean has admitted she still feels lost sometimes after quitting her role on Loose Women following a nervous breakdown.

The TV star left the ITV daytime show in December 2020, having opened up about her mental health struggles in May that year while live on air.

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McLean, 52, hadn't previously spoken about the issue, but surprised herself by choosing on the spur of the moment to bring it up during a chat about lockdown, where she said she was better equipped than ever before to deal with it because of her recovery from her breakdown the year before.

Since leaving Loose Women, McLean has been concentrating on her This Girl Is On Fire app and book, which mentors and encourages confidence in women.

Andrea McLean on Loose Women
Andrea McLean says she still sometimes feels lost. (ITV)

But despite loving her new role, she told The Mirror that she still suffers moments of self doubt.

She said: “I know how it feels to feel stuck, scared, burnt out and overwhelmed. I’m a capable woman, I’m really good at what I do but I don’t know, I feel lost, I feel like I’ve kind of lost my direction.”

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McLean added: "The day I left Loose Women, I cried because I was leaving my friends. But when I got home, I actually got a real sense of peace because I just knew I was starting a whole new chapter. It was scary but it felt like the right thing to do.”

Andrea McLean tearfully announced she was quitting 'Loose Women'. (ITV)
Andrea McLean tearfully announced she was quitting Loose Women. (ITV)

However, while she was sad to leave her Loose Women family at the time, McLean admitted that she doesn't tune into the show to see what they're up to - because she's much too busy with her "harder" new job.

She said: “To be honest, I don’t watch any telly. I’m too busy working, doing longer hours and harder hours. But I still keep in touch with the ladies. Denise Welch and I were texting and I’m catching up with her tomorrow.”

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