Andrew Lloyd Webber Slams Nicole Scherzinger, Again

It is unlikely that Nicole Scherzinger will ever get another shot at working on Broadway after she ditched her role in Cats, says Andrew Lloyd Webber.


Credit: Euan Cherry/Lexi Jones/

The 37-year-old singer was set to play Grizabella in the 68-year-old composer’s musical in America but turned down the chance at the last minute in order to reclaim her seat on The X Factor UK judging panel.

Andrew previously said he was “furious” when he found out because he had pulled a lot of strings to get her the part. But he’s rubbed salt in the wound with his latest comments.

He told The Sun newspaper: “The American producers had not seen what she could do. I just wanted her to be able to show the Broadway community how good she is. I hope she will get another opportunity, but the chances are not great, because it’s a very small world there.”

The musical producer even claimed Nicole’s manager quit representing her because she chose The X Factor over Cats.


Credit: Euan Cherry/

He said: “She took [the producers] to the eleventh hour and everything was agreed with her manager, who has since resigned over this. He’s not representing her anymore.”

After his last rant, the former frontwoman of The Pussycat Dolls tried to throw cold water over his anger and said she’ll always be grateful for the opportunities that come her way.

She told Radio Times: “I am incredibly blessed to be given so many amazing opportunities, including ‘Cats’, but unfortunately we weren’t able to make it work this time around. I adore and respect Andrew, I’m so grateful for our friendship and can’t wait for the opportunity to create more magic together.“

We’re wondering who will win this cat fight and if Nicole will be so chilled after Andrew’s latest swipe!