Angela Griffin admits she HATES her Size 9 feet on White Wine Question Time podcast

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    I don't even know who she is let alone care.
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    Zoom in on her right foot. And try to explain #$%$ is wrong with it. Looks like she should be living with the Hendersons
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    Who Cares?
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    Her friend ain't half tasty
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    Who cares
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    When was she ever in Scott and Bailey??
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    If i was her i'd be worried about more than just the size of my feet. She's extremely unattractive and a terrible actress
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    They say a mans shoe size is a reflection to this size of his manhood. Does this mean she has one the size of a bin?
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    Pharaoh Piankhi
    The white nationalists must hate this African woman, a European one, best of friends, both financially well to do.....that right there is what the far right white nationalists in this country don’t want to see represented in the media.
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    Size 9 what the heck. That's huge. I'd not be happy about that either.