Angela Griffin returns to Corrie after 21 years

Coronation Street viewers enjoyed a blast from the past as it was confirmed that 90s favourite Fiona Middleton is Emma Brooker’s mother.

The character, played by Angela Griffin, made a return of sorts during Monday night’s double helping of the ITV soap, when she appeared on Emma’s phone screen.

It was the first time she had been seen on the soap since 1998.

Hairdresser Emma (Alexandra Mardell) called Fiona to confront her after her dad, who is terminally ill, claimed she was not his.

She was devastated when Fiona confirmed he was not her real dad.

Meanwhile, Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) had spotted Emma’s mum on the screen and realised it was Fiona.

It now looks as if Fiona’s ex Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) could be Emma’s biological dad – although not all viewers are convinced.

Some believe Jim McDonald (Charles Lawson) – who Fiona had a fling with – could prove to be Emma’s father.

“Suppose Jim McDonald is her dad and not Steve and it’s a red herring,” said one fan on Twitter.

Another viewer posted: “Let’s not forget that Fiona was sleeping with Jim too, Steve thinking he’s Emma’s dad, there’s gonna be a twist, Emma could actually be Steve’s half sister!!”

“We probably all think that Steve is Emma’s dad when in reality he’ll be her half sister, I reckon Jim is Emma’s dad,” said another.

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

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