Animal Rebellion: Vegan activists pour milk onto floor of Harrods in anti-dairy protest

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Protesters pour out milk at Harrods (Animal Rebellion)
Protesters pour out milk at Harrods (Animal Rebellion)

A group of vegan activists who disrupted the Queen’s Jubilee have staged a protest by pouring milk on the floor of Harrods.

Animal Rebellion, a group of animal rights activists linked to Extinction Rebellion, staged the protest on Wednesday afternoon to call for an end to the dairy industry.

The activists said they also targeted the milk aisles of M&S and Waitrose on Oxford Street by removing bottles off the shelves, with activists claiming they “occupied” Waitrose’s cheese room.

Kat Chan, 20, who was amongst those in Harrods, said: “We are taking this necessary action because we don’t feel we have any other choice.

“Last week’s heatwave and wildfires showed us a glimpse of our future if we fail to act now.

“Transitioning to a plant-based food system and rewilding is the key solution to the climate crisis.

“There is no need for the deaths of over a billion animals for food each year in this country.”

Pictures show the group pouring out milk at the upmarket department store in central London, while footage shows other protesters filling trolleys and baskets with milk in supermarkets before sitting down with signs reading: “Dairy = death”.

A Harrods spokesperson told the Standard: “We are aware that five individuals staged a minor protest yesterday in the Harrods Food Halls.

“The individuals were swiftly escorted out of the store and no further action was taken.”

The group has vowed to heavily disrupt the UK supply of dairy “day after day” with concerted action in September.

While details of the supposed plans have not been revealed, the group said in a video last month: “We are going to cause large-scale material disruption to the supply of dairy, day after day across the country.

“We want to put the damage and exploitation of the dairy industry at centre stage.”

Other stunts carried out by the group include running onto the Mall during the Trooping of the Colour, and also running onto the race track before the Epsom Derby last month.

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