Moment raging Ann Widdecombe explodes at MEP who said majority of Brits don't support Brexit

This is the moment a raging Ann Widdecombe explodes at a fellow MEP who said a majority of Brits don’t support Brexit.

Dutch MEP Sophia in 't Veld reminded Ms Widdecombe that only 43% of UK voters chose the Brexit-supporting Tories in last month’s general election and that a “majority of the British people did not vote for a Brexit party”.

It triggered a seething response from Ms Widdecombe, who defected to the Brexit Party from the Tories last year before she was subsequently elected as an MEP.

She screamed: “17.4 million people, in the biggest democratic turnout in British history [in 2016], voted to Leave!”

Ann Widdecombe in the European Parliament chamber on Tuesday (European Parliament)
Ann Widdecombe in the European Parliament chamber (European Parliament)

“Why did Boris Johnson get such a massive majority in the last election? Because his basic promise was get Brexit done!”

Ms in 't Veld had been responding to an earlier speech by Ms Widdecombe during a debate about EU citizens’ rights in the UK after the 31 January departure date.

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On free movement, she had said: “The ending of free movement was a massive factor in the British public’s decision to leave the EU.”

She went on: “The British people expect the British government to end free movement and do it in a way which is effective and not merely nominal.”

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