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UK will return to EU after Brexit, MEP insists in passionate speech

·Senior news reporter, Yahoo News UK
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The UK will return to the EU after Brexit, an MEP has insisted.

Terry Reintke, a europhile MEP from Germany, said British Remain protesters’ “signs” and “tweets” have not been in vain since 2016 because “one day I will see British MEPs being re-elected to this chamber”.

She is one of a number of high-profile EU figures to have raised the prospect of Britain re-entering the bloc before Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has even become law.

Ms Reintke, speaking in the European Parliament on Tuesday during a debate about EU citizens’ rights in the UK after the 31 January departure date, said discussing Brexit two weeks beforehand was “the most difficult speech” she would give as an MEP.

She said: “All EU citizens in the UK have to be absolutely sure about the fact that there are dozens and hundreds of MEPs working here in this parliament to keep this your parliament as well.

“We will work tirelessly to defend your rights here in this parliament.”

The speech went on: “This goes out to all the people in the UK who are heartbroken right now.

“I know that even with this movement that is unique in European history, it has not been possible to put this decision back to the people [in a second referendum].

“But these demonstrations, and all the signs, and all the tweets, and all the votes – they were not in vain.

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“You built something absolutely beautiful over the past years and this is the largest pro-European citizens movement that we have seen.

“We will build on that and trust me: one day I will see British MEPs being re-elected to this chamber.”

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