Anne Robinson angers feminists with her attitudes on new show exploring women's issues


Presenter Anne Robinson has angered feminists with her attitudes towards other women on her latest show.

Robinson’s, 73, latest programme The Trouble With Women explores the sexism and daily issues women face but people weren’t impressed by her attitude towards the featured women.

Viewers appeared angered by the iconic presenter’s response to some of the affecting issues the show’s women expressed – deeming their opinions as ‘wrong’ simply because she’d not experienced what they had.


She was also criticised for the way she responded to and handled interacting with some of the younger women on the programme, too.

Viewers took to social media to blast the out of touch host, claiming she was in some ways blaming them for the way society treats them.


Overall, the audience seemed pretty annoyed with her approach and how the BBC handled the show.

Robinson came under fire earlier this month, when she had plenty of things to say about women in the workplace where she claimed women must accept it as a ‘sexually treacherous’ place.

Speaking about her experiences compared to modern struggles of women and the #MeToo movement, she said: ‘You have a choice. Do I get off the train and spend my life complaining and making a fuss, or do I stay on the train and make sure it never happens to me again?

‘I always chose the latter, but maybe I’m just a different sort of warrior.’

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