Anne Robinson 'fed up' of 'woke' terms mangling English language

Rachel Riley, Anne Robinson and Susie Dent
Anne Robinson hosts Countdown alongside Rachel Riley and Susie Dent. (Channel 4)

Anne Robinson has said she is "fed up" of 'woke culture' "mangling" the English language.

The 76-year-old TV presenter — who developed a reputation for her acid tongue when hosting BBC game show The Weakest Link — has taken over as host of Channel 4's Countdown and said that, while she doesn't want to offend anyone, she doesn't want to change they way she speaks.

Robinson told The Express: "A contestant on Countdown said he taught English to non-English speaking people, and I said, 'You mean you teach English to foreigners?' And he said, 'We never say that'.

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"Is that 'woke'? Does anyone know?

"So I am fed up with it, I'm fed up with people telling me I've got to say 'mixed heritage' and not 'mixed race'.

Anne Robinson revealed she learns woke terms from her chiropodist. (PA)

"I just think we're being told what to do by people who aren't in a position to tell us what to do. I don't want my language mangled — I don't want to lose the English language.

"I don't want to offend anyone but we're well past whether we offend people."

The former Watchdog host said she learns about 'woke language' from her chiropodist, who fills her in on the latest politically correct terms.

She said: "Every time I have my feet done I learn something new that I've got to say or not say, and I'm beginning to say, 'Who's the arbiter of this?"'

Robinson also admitted she will be kinder to Countdown contestants than she was on The Weakest Link.

Anne Robinson was famous for iunsulting contestants on The Weakest Link. (Getty Images)

She told The Mirror: "You have to judge how far you can go – some are quite shy. I don't want the contestants to have to have a box of Kleenex next to them."

Robinson is replacing The Apprentice star Nick Hewer as the host of the brainteaser quiz show. He announced last year he was retiring after 10 years at the helm.

'Countdown' host Nick Hewer is on the COVID vulnerable list due to his age. (PA)
Nick Hewer hosted Countdown for 10 years. (PA)

Countdown — a game of words and numbers — was first broadcast on Channel 4 in 1982, with Richard Whiteley hosting and mathematician Carol Vorderman assisting.

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Since Whiteley's death in 2005, presenters have included Des Lynam, Des O'Connor and Sky Sports journalist Jeff Stelling.

Robinson joins maths whizz Rachel Riley and dictionary corner lead Susie Dent in the show's first all-female line-up.

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