Annie Lennox and daughter Lola join forces for radio performance

Alex Green
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Lola Lennox (BBC/PA)
Lola Lennox (BBC/PA)

Annie Lennox has joined her daughter Lola for an on-air performance featuring the BBC Concert Orchestra.

The Eurythmics star, 66, co-produced the track Wherever You Go and took over backing vocal duties during the session for BBC Radio 2 House Music on the Ken Bruce show.

String, percussion, brass and piano players joined the pair for the remote performance on Thursday.

The track, which featured alongside a second titled La La Love Me, was created by 30-year-old Lola alongside songwriters Andy Stochansky and Hailey Collier and explores homesickness and long-distance relationships.

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Lola said: “I absolutely loved working on this orchestral version of Wherever You Go with my mum.

“We had a fun afternoon where I taught her the melodies and harmonies that she would be singing, it was great to hear her voice on the song and to sing alongside her.

“Her music and approach to artistry has always inspired me, and so I was very excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with her on one of my own tracks.”

Annie said: “Suffice to say – I absolutely love working with Lola.

“It’s always a joy and a really wonderful place where we cease to be ‘mother/daughter’ but just two creative artists having fun with music together.”

Lola is the daughter of Israeli human rights activist and film-maker Uri Fruchtmann, Annie’s second husband, and sister to fashion model Tali.

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