Annunziata Rees-Mogg says Brexit fight is 'just as important as the suffragettes'

Andy Wells
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Annunziata Rees-Mogg has compared Brexit to the suffragettes (Getty)

One of the most prominent candidates in the Brexit Party has described the fight to leave the EU as “just as important as the suffragettes”.

Annunziata Rees-Mogg - sister of chief Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg - has written a strong defence of 2016’s Brexit vote and compared it to the fight to win votes for women in the movement founded in 1903 by Emmeline Pankhurst.

Ms Rees-Mogg wrote on Brexit Central: “This fight is as much about democracy as it is leaving the EU.

The sister of Jacob Rees-Mogg was announced as a candidate for the Brexit Party at the launch of the EU election campaign (Getty)

“We need to change politics for the better before it is too late.

“Our fight is just as important as the suffragettes and we must vote for the Brexit Party on 23rd May to ensure our country remains a truly Great Britain.”

Taking aim at MPs who have failed to pass a Brexit deal, Ms Rees-Mogg added: “We need to pull together to restore a belief in voting. One man, one woman, one vote: one say in how we are governed.

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“It is not we, the voters, who have broken the pact, it is the politicians in their gilded cage in Westminster, talking in their echo-chamber, dismissing the people who make up the backbone of our country as fools.

“We are not – but even if we were – democracy demands that they listen to us.”

Nigel Farage unveiled Ms Rees-Mogg as an MEP candidate for the Brexit Party in the upcoming EU elections earlier this month.

Leave voters have flocked to Nigel Farage's new party (Getty)
Boris Johnson's sister Rachel Johnson is also standing in the EU elections for Change UK (Getty)

However, she is not the only sister of a prominent Tory taking part.

Rachel Johnson - sister of Boris - was unveiled as a candidate by Remain-supporting group Change UK on Tuesday.

However, Ms Johnson said her move was not a vote against her pro-Brexit brother.

"I'm sure that Boris understands why this is not a vote against Boris," she said.

"This is a vote for change. We need to move the dial. People need to have a say.”

The Brexit Party has enjoyed strong support since its launch (Getty)

The Brexit Party has enjoyed strong support since its launch, polling in first place in several poll over the past week.

Mr Farage has vowed to target the Labour heartlands of south Wales, the Midlands and the north of England.

The former Ukip leader said the party was already "doing very well" with Conservative supporters, adding: ”There are five million people that voted for Jeremy Corbyn and voted for Brexit as well, and that's going to be our task.

"I think we will go on squeezing the Conservatives and squeezing Ukip down to virtually nothing.

"We're going to go after that Labour vote in a very big way.”

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