ANPR cameras in 17 new Kent locations to be considered

Camera and road
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Cameras could be sited in 17 new locations in Kent as part of a council's move to catch more drivers breaking the rules, it has been revealed. Medway Council has launched a consultation on the introduction of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras at sites across the Towns.

The new cameras, if they are introduced, will catch motorists entering pedestrianised areas and areas with motor vehicle bans, making illegal turns, and stopping inside yellow boxes. The council says the better enforcement will help improve safety and reduce traffic congestion.

Currently, the actions the cameras will crackdown on are illegal and will result in penalty charge notices (PCNs), but require an officer to be there at the time. The proposals would see 17 new locations fitted with ANPR cameras, five in Chatham, another five in Strood, four in Rochester, and three in Gillingham.

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For Chatham High Street, cameras would enforce the pedestrianised zone, and no motor vehicles restrictions and no entry restrictions at Batchelor Street, Whittaker Street, and Clover Street. ANPR cameras would also enforce yellow box junctions at the Chatham Hill junction with Luton Road and the Maidstone Road Bus Interchange.

Three are proposed for A2 Corporation Street in Rochester, at the Esplanade, Gas House Road and Bardell Terrace junctions, which have yellow boxes. Also in Rochester there would be an ANPR camera enforcing a right-turn ban on the Rochester High Street junction with Star Hill.

Three are proposed for Gillingham High Street at the Green Street, Kings Street, and James Street access points, where there are no entry restrictions. In Strood, five yellow box junctions would be monitored at A2 High Street junction with B2002 Station Road, Station Road junction with Friary Place, A2 London Road junction with Gravesend Road, A2 High Street, Strood junction with Esplanade, and A2 junction with Castle View Road.

The council says this scheme is the next step in a series of previously introduced traffic measures including red routes and school streets. The authority were asked how much each of the ANPR cameras would cost and how much the fines would be.

Medway already has ANPR cameras at eight sites to enforce moving traffic offences, which are:

  • Gillingham High Street, where there is a no motor vehicles restriction.

  • Chatham Hill (A2), junction with Rock Avenue in Gillingham, where there is a yellow box restriction.

  • A2 Rainham Road, junctions with Ash Tree Lane and Canterbury Street, Gillingham, where there is a yellow box restriction.

  • Rochester High Street, where there is a no motor vehicles restriction on Saturdays.

  • A2 High Street junction with Orchard Street, Rainham, where there is a right-turn ban.

  • Cuxton Road at High Street junction with Gun Lane, Strood, where there is a yellow box restriction.

  • Gibraltar Hill junction with A230 Maidstone Road, Chatham, where there is a yellow box restriction.

  • High Street junction with The Brook, Chatham – pedestrian zone and no entry restrictions.

In July 2023, the law was changed so moving traffic offences no longer were exclusively actionable by the police, and councils were able to issue fines. Medway Council are running a consultation on the proposals and responses can be submitted via the council’s website, where more information can be found.

Previous traffic measures have been controversial, particularly the red routes scheme which has been accused of acting as a revenue raiser for the council. The consultation runs until June 26.

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