Ant McPartlin reassures fans over tattoo after welcoming baby son Wilder

Ant McPartlin and (inset) his family tree tattoo
Ant's baby announcement picture showed off his tattoo, which left fans with questions -Credit:Instagram/PA

Ant McPartlin has extended heartfelt gratitude to his fans for their warm congratulations after the birth of his son - and shared a message about his widely-discussed tattoo.

The renowned TV personality initially broke the news this Tuesday on social media about the arrival of his first child with wife Anne-Marie named Wilder Patrick McPartlin.

Alongside the announcement, he offered a sneak peek of a familial tree-esque tattoo on his arm. However, concerns arose among his fans, especially the dog lovers regarding the absence of one of his beloved pets in the tattoo, reports Chronicle Live.

Born in Newcastle, the Britain's Got Talent host incorporates respect for his family into his tattoo. In the initial image he provided, the name Amzie - a term of endearment for his wife - was seen etched onto the pinnacle of a tree design, while the names Daisy and Poppy, his stepdaughters, and Bumble, one of the family's pets appeared on branches below.

Fans however noticed that the name of his other dog, Hurley, seemed to be absent. Riding high on excitement over a Girls Aloud reunion tour, Cheryl unveils a personal reason.

Responding to their concerns, Ant disclosed a fresh photograph this Saturday morning wherein it was evident that his pet, Hurley, had indeed been included. It emerged the name was simply hidden in the previous image by how he was holding baby Wilder.

Posting once more via the mutual Ant and Dec Twitter account, his heartening note to followers stated: "Hey all, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the kind messages of love and well wishes for our baby Wilder.

"He's doing great. Glad you loved the tattoo as well. For all you dog lovers who asked why my beloved Hurley wasn't on the family tree ... he was! He was just covered by our newborn. All my love, gratitude and heartfelt thanks."

Earlier in the week, Ant had announced the birth of his son Wilder on social media, causing a flood of congratulations. He wrote: "Welcome to the family. Wilder Patrick McPartlin. Born, 14/05/24 at 8.54am. Baby is beautiful, Mummy's a legend, Sisters are over the moon. Dad's a mess!"

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