Anti-Brexit protester appears completely naked on 'Good Morning Britain'

Good Morning Britain viewers got a bit of a shock while eating their cereal today as an anti-Brexit protester appeared on the show completely naked.

Dr Victoria Bateman stunned BBC Radio 4 presenter John Humphrys last week as she stripped off for an interview, and now she’s done it again on the ITV morning show.

Bateman had the words “Brexit leaves Britain naked” written across her chest as she argued that the country will be left ‘exposed’ and ‘economically naked’ once it leaves the EU.

Dr Victoria Bateman appeared naked on GMB to make a point about Brexit
Dr Victoria Bateman appeared naked on GMB to make a point about Brexit

Today’s presenter Kate Garraway explained that Bateman’s naked body had been blurred out to avoid offending viewers watching at home.

“She’s here fully naked,” she said.

“She’s not wearing any clothes at all. We have blurred the images to protect her modesty even though you don’t want us to.”

Explaining why she was there naked, Bateman said: “As an economist I’m used to using words and equations to make an argument.

“In the run up to referendum I must have penned thousands of words on why Brexit would be bad for Britain. I’m effected much more by visuals than words alone. The power of film, TV, fashion.

“I thought I would condense down all those thousands of words into a simple, single message that Brexit leaves Britain naked.”

She added: “The key message I really have to deliver is Brexit is the Emperor’s new clothes. What high profile Brexiteers promised voters is not possible to deliver.”

Co-host Richard Madeley admitted that, unlike John Humphrys, the GMB team were completely prepared for Bateman to appear naked.

“We’ve known for hours this was going to happen. We’ve girded our loins as it were,” he said. “I must say as the only male presenter here I don’t find it shocking. It’s a bit unusual and strange.

“Our main problem this morning was where to put the microphone.”

GMB viewers took to Twitter to declare their shock while watching the interview.

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