Anti-immigrant group ridiculed after it mistakes empty bus seats for women wearing burkas

An anti-immigration group in Norway has been mocked after mistaking a photo of empty bus seats for women wearing burkas.

The image of bus seats was posted on private Facebook group Fedrelandet viktigst, which translates as ‘Fatherland first’, along with a comment, ‘What do people think of this?’

It wasn’t long before members of the group started expressing anti-Muslim views, with some calling the image ‘scary’, ‘frightening’ and ‘tragic’.

One user wrote: ‘It looks really scary, should be banned. You can never know who is under there. Could be terrorists with weapons.’


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Another posted: ‘Get them out of our country. Frightening times we are living in.’

However, the image of the empty bus carriage was posted on the Facebook group by prankster Johan Slattavik, who said he did it as ‘a little practical joke’ to see how users would react.

He told WorldViews in a Facebook message that the reaction had given him a ‘good laugh’.

He said: ‘I laid out the photo to see what happened.’

He said he was shocked so many people were duped by the image.

Another user, Sindre Beyer, posted on Facebook: ‘What happens when a photo of some empty bus seats is posted to a disgusting Facebook group and nearly everyone thinks they see a bunch of burkas?’

One user responded: ‘Don’t know if I’m gonna laugh or cry.’

Another said: ‘Funny! But also very sad and scary.’

(Picture: Facebook)

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