Catholic priests asked to leave Cardiff pub after being mistaken for stag party

The priests were mistaken for a stag do in fancy dress (Picture: Matt Morgan)

A group of seven catholic priests were asked to leave a Cardiff pub after staff mistook them for a stag party.

The clergymen were visiting to The City Arms in Cardiff to toast the ordination of Father Peter McClaren.

They were initially asked to move on after their clothing was mistaken for fancy dress.

The City Arms pub in Cardiff

Matt Morgan, the pub’s assistant manager, explained the mix-up.

He told Yahoo News UK: ‘At first one of our staff members thought the group were a stag party in fancy dress and suggested they might want to try another pub, as we generally have a quieter crowd of drinkers than others nearby.

‘When we realised our mistake we quickly apologised to the priests and thankfully they were all great sports and saw the funny side of the situation.

We offered them a free round of drinks and they were happy to stay and continue their evening in the pub.


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‘Our Rev James ale is one of our most popular beers so it was great to have a real-life Reverend James and his fellow priests enjoying a pint or two.

‘It’s not every day you have a group of priests drinking in the pub and they would be welcome back any time.’

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Cardiff said: ‘We’d like to thank The City Arms for being good sports through all of this and their kind gesture to our seminarians.’