'The alps have been restored!' Toblerone delights fans by reverting to previous shape

Robin De Peyer
Old vs new: the wider gaps, rear, sent fans into a fury: PA

Toblerone fans have been left delighted after it was announced the bars were to revert to their original shape.

The makers of the Swiss chocolate bar sparked anger when it introduced wider gaps between its distinctive pyramids in 2016.

Its US-based maker, Modelez International, admitted the shape change was not "perfect" for customers, and said it now plans to increase bars' weight from 150g to 200g.

The bars will revert to their previous shape, without the wide gaps which some people likened to bicycle racks on the previous bars.

The news delighted fans who had reacted angrily to the shape change back in 2016.

Darren Wood said he was "so happy right now", while another Twitter user wrote: "The end of the toast rack toblerone. The alps have been restored!"

Mark Dexter added: "Changing the size & shape of Toblerone bars was perhaps the most misguided & bizarre decision ever made in the history of humanity.

"At last, the manufacturers have (finally) acknowledged their giant balls-up. I shall scoff one of the ‘reverted’ bars as soon as they are back."

At the time of the shape change, Mondelez International said it was forced to make the move because of rising costs.

It said it was faced with a choice to change either the shape of the bar or raising the price – but said it decided to change the shape to “keep the product affordable”.