Apple and BBC former employees break away to create Wordeo video messaging app

Luke Edwards

Text messages are so last millennium. With the likes of Vine and Snapchat reaching new heights of popularity it's clear video is the future. So clear that ex-Apple and BBC employees have teamed up to get in on the action creating Wordeo, a video messaging app.

Wordeo lets you create short video messages in the same way that you would a text. Type out what you want to say and using magic (and probably some science) it'll turn your words into video clips. Then you can "tweak" to make it just so before sending on.

Wordeo uses the massive vault of videos found in Getty Images' video library. The app allows you to record and upload personal footage as well as your updates.

The app should encourage people to write more descriptively using image words so that the resulting video is most accurate. So if you said you were snowboarding, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying the mountain views the video could be easily created showing those things. We like the idea of it automatically taking videos from your phone of your snowboarding, hot chocolate and mountain views. But it doesn't sound like it will be that intelligent from the outset, though it will allow you to upload your clips manually.

Wordoes you create created can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and email as well as directly with friends also using the Wordeo app.

Wordeo CEO, David Bailey was a former Apple executive and CTO, Bob Johnson was responsible for helping build the BBC iPlayer back end.

Wordeo is available on iOS for free, now. It will also be coming to Android.

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