The Apprentice crowns 2024 winner

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The Apprentice crowns 2024 winnerRay Burmiston - BBC

The Apprentice 2024 finale spoilers follow.

The Apprentice has crowned the winner of the 2024 season.

Following 12 tough weeks of early starts, disastrous tasks, blaming it on the Project Manager in the boardroom and Lord Sugar's puns, Rachel Woolford triumphed in becoming his new business partner.

rachel and phil in the apprentice finale
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In the final episode, Rachel chose Sam, Flo, Tre, Maura and Steve to help launch the expansion of her fitness studio business.

She hammered home the idea of her gyms being fun and inclusive and about the 'feeling', rather than the fitness, but adviser Tim Campbell felt that she was coming up with some very "bland and boring" brand visuals.

Meanwhile, Phil chose Paul, Virdi, Foluso, Raj and the other Paul to help promote his pie shop business.

Right from the start, Raj talked over Sub-Team Leader Virdi and suggested the name 'Phil My Pie' to an unenthusiastic group of colleagues. Phil ended up going with the more sensible Prestige Pies, although Karren Brady noted that his logo was "cartoonish".

rachel and phil in the apprentice finale

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After creating the digital billboards and other promotional materials, Rachel and Phil had to present their pitches to Lord Sugar and his line-up of industry experts.

Rachel's pitch had a few slips, but she impressed her audience with a showcase of her virtual studio and detailed financials.

The experts told Lord Sugar afterwards that they weren't sure the business was unique enough in a saturated market, but This Morning's Dr Zoe, who was in attendance, believed he "couldn't go wrong with [Rachel]."

In his pitch, Paul talked about his family's history with pie-making, and fielded questions from MasterChef 2012 winner Shelina, among others.

While the experts liked his presentation, they told Lord Sugar that online delivery isn't what it was during the pandemic, and he should funnel his money into opening a new store.

the apprentice 2024 lord alan sugar
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In the final boardroom, Lord Sugar shared his concerns with both final candidates, specifically Rachel's scalability and Phil's insistence on expanding the online delivery aspect.

After telling them both how much of a tough decision it was, he decided to go with Rachel as his newest business partner.

"To come out a winner is beyond my wildest dreams," Rachel said.

The Apprentice and You're Fired can be streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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