Archaeologists discover remarkably intact ancient shipwreck

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Archaeologists have unearthed a shipwreck from the Roman Empire dating back to the third century AD.

The ship was found in what's now the site of a massive open pit coal mine . It's on the site of what was once the Roman city Viminacium.

The settlement was home to some 45,000 people and sat near the Danube River.

An excavator accidentally found the ship's timbers earlier this spring, but the work had to hold temporarily because of coronavirus restrictions.

As you can see in the video, the front portion of the boat was remarkably intact. Researchers say the boat measured 19 meters in length. It had a flat bottom, a sail and six pairs of oars.

The 1,700 year old boat will one day go on display at a museum outside Belgrade, and experts say there's more to find at the site . Only 4% of the area has been uncovered so far.

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