Army of volunteers line the streets to help Hurricane Harvey victims

Volunteers are queueing up on the streets of Houston to offer their help with the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

The line of volunteers photographed waiting patiently in the rain is just the latest example of inspiring acts of heroism and kindness following the disaster.

This is Houston. Wanna know what this line is for? Food? Water? Housing? Nope. These people are waiting in line TO VOLUNTEER.

— Michael Berry (@MichaelBerrySho) August 30, 2017

While thousands left homeless from unprecedented flooding have been forced to queue up for food and water, others are waiting in line to offer any assistance they can.

Radio host Michael Berry shared the photo on Twitter with the caption: “This is Houston.”  

People line up to volunteerCredit: Michael Ciaglo /Houston Chronicle via AP

He added: “Wanna know what this line is for?  Food?  Water?  Housing?  Nope.  These people are waiting in line TO VOLUNTEER.”

His photo has been shared and liked by more than 300,000 times, with one responding: “So proud of Texas. So proud of the USA.”

Volunteers listen to instructionsCredit: Michael Ciaglo/Houston Chronicle via AP

Another wrote: “I'm gonna keep beating this Houston drum because this city has a heart as big as the whole State. She won't forget who helped her.”

Other acts of kindness to emerge following the storm, include Mexican bakers trapped for two days making hundreds of bread loaves for Harvey victims.

Volunteers sort donated clothing Credit: Michael Ciaglo /Houston Chronicle via AP

Actress Sandra Bullock has donated $1 million to help relief efforts, joining a host of other celebrities who have pledged money.

One of America’s biggest breweries has also swapped making beer for providing water to those who need it.

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