Artist spends hours capturing photos of people admiring art that matches their clothing

They might look like some sort of human chameleons but these are art-lovers admiring exhibits that they happened to coordinate perfectly with.

Stefan Draschan spends hours each week secretly snapping museum-goers, looking out for people whose hair, jacket or dress matches the exhibits they’re admiring, as part of his project aptly named ‘People Matching Artworks’.

The 38-year-old Austrian has snapped people in museums throughout Europe, including Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Naples and Paris, staking out a spot to catch the similar sights on camera.

Similarities – Stefan looks out for people whose hair or outfit matches the exhibit they’re looking out (Pictures: SWNS)

Stefan said: “I starting taking photos four years ago when I quit smoking and I visited museums to practice photography.

“The first time I noticed someone matching art, it just happened and I knew I had to get that photo.”

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When he goes to museums, he can spot something within seconds but is sometimes there a lot longer, he said.

“To be a good photographer you have to be ready at all times to get the perfect shot – it could happen at any moment.”

And as well as matching outfits and hair he has captured plenty of other interesting images, he added.

“I find it fascinating to see what people do when they think no one is looking.

“I have even got a lot of photos of people sleeping in museums.”

A photographer has spent hours in museums capturing images of people whose outfits match the exhibits they’re admiring