Asda statement as Arnold yobs 'bike around aisles and use knife from shelf to threaten guard'

ASDA on Front Street, Arnold
-Credit: (Image: Nottingham Post)

Supermarket Asda has denounced the violent chaos that reportedly unfolded within one of its Nottinghamshire stores. Shoppers at the chain's store on Front Street, Arnold were apparently terrorised by a group of young boys on Sunday, June 23.

They had been riding through the shop's aisles on bikes, customers said on social media, before becoming confrontational towards a security worker. Two shoppers claimed the store's security guard had been attacked by the youths, with one saying a staff member was punched in the face.

After this bystanders claimed the incident took an even more concerning turn, with one of the youths tearing open a block of knives and brandishing it as a weapon. One shopper, who said that the culprits all seemed under 16 years old, said she was "disgusted" by the episode.

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Another customer, speaking to residents in a local social media group, said: "I cannot tell you how frightening this is. Arnold is awful at the minute." Asda did not deny the events had taken place in its store, but deferred to Nottinghamshire Police on the specifics of what had happened.

An Asda spokesperson said: "We do not tolerate any form of violence or abuse towards our colleagues." Nottinghamshire Police were called to the scene, but did not respond to a request for comment by the time of publication.