How astrology became cool (just ask Andrew Garfield)

Andrew Garfield (Dave Benett/Getty Images for Haider Ackermann + FILA)
Andrew Garfield (Dave Benett/Getty Images for Haider Ackermann + FILA)

You know that interaction you have at least once a year where you’re sat in a group and someone makes an offhand comment about star signs - something inane like “Oh, you’re a Cancer, I’m a Gemini!” - and some one who has never let themselves enjoy anything ever starts off on some rant about star signs and how they’re madeup/useless/unscientific/whatever.

Well, these conversations may finally, finally be dying out - because it is no longer cool or socially acceptable to hate on star signs. Just ask GQ certified man of the year Andrew Garfield, who just put uneducated men everywhere on blast where he deftly flirted with interviewer Amelia Dimoldenberg over the topic of star signs, even dropping in his own moon sign to the conversation. Stunning.

The red carpet conversation has gone viral with many commenting on the pair’s chemistry, but it’s also formed a sort of unity amongst the star sign girlies, who have designated Mr Andrew Garfield their new surpreme leader.

This is because keen astrological stans and followers of the Garf have noted that this red carpet conversation isn’t the first time he’s brought it up, either. One Twitter user even spent valuable time crafting a detailed thread on every time Andy G has brought up star signs (often entirely unprovoked).

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For instance, in one interview where he’s complimented on his ability to rock various different hairstyles, Garfield (the man not the cat) responds: “I’m a Leo man, and it’s very hard not to... flattery is the way into my heart.”

In another interview, Garfield says of he and his co-star Gil Birmingham, who’s sat with him: “Astrologically speaking he’s a cancer, I’m a leo, we are the mother and the father of the zodiac.” Gil Birmingham looks a bit confused but runs with it.

As much as Garfield’s unashamed ability to bring star signs into basically everything will warm the hearts of astrological believers everywhere, and as much as he’s doing his part to make men feel more comfortable with caring about star signs openly, he didn’t pave this path on his own.

Everyone’s favourite Leo, Andrew Garfield (Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)
Everyone’s favourite Leo, Andrew Garfield (Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

Some of the most notable astrological celebs include Princess Diana, who used to visit renowned astrologer Penny Thornton to help understand her relationship (as a Cancer), with difficult Scorpio King Charles III.

Angelina Jolie, who is a Buddhist and follows Tibetan astrology, even lets this astrology guide her decisions on which movies she stars in (the stars were clearly more aligned for Girl, Interrupted than they were for Eternals, let’s just say that).

Beyoncé is famously a proud Virgo (Beyoncé)
Beyoncé is famously a proud Virgo (Beyoncé)

And Queen Bey is a fan too. She’s referenced her star sign in songs, most notably Renaissance track “Virgo’s Groove”, which has inspired hundreds of fan videos and articles - including a ten minute YouTube compilation entitled “Beyoncé having the most Virgo energy ever” and an MTV article where they got an astrologer to analyse the lyrics of Virgo’s Groove.

See, star signs mean something to people’s fans. And with Andrew Garfield being the out and proud Leo he truly is, he’s paving the path towards more conversations where men learn about their astrological chart, their traits and maybe even one day we’ll be able to swing them towards taking the love language test. Maybe.