'I was attacked unprovoked at London station - I'm leaving the UK because it's not safe'

A man admits that he now wants to leave the country and return to Europe after allegedly being assaulted at Liverpool Street station. Mauro Delicato, 45, claims to have sustained injuries to his face and shoulder after returning to Stansted Airport from a holiday in Costa Brava, Spain, with his partner.

He alleges that the man starting attacking him unprovoked, while his girlfriend, Almi Panici, from Croydon, shouted for him to stop. Not only that, but when police arrived to break up the fight, they did not arrest the attacker. Instead, he alleges they told him 'I know the law, not you', before leaving without an explanation.

Now, the hotel assistant manager, who moved to the UK from Italy in 1999, says he is planning to leave London.

Mr Delicato told MyLondon: "I don’t feel safe in this country anymore, and I’ve been here for so many years."

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Passengers pull luggage past a Stansted Express train service
Mr Delicato claims to have been attacked after arriving at Liverpool Street from Stansted Airport -Credit:Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Mr Delicato explained what happened: "From behind us a man [...] shouts at us to move because he had to pass. He had two suitcases with him, like us. So I told him to go on the left, there was plenty of space. But instead of over[taking] us, he began to rail against us, insulting us and shouting that we were a*******."

'I'll kill you, you piece of s***. I'll kill you'

He added: "At that moment I felt in danger for both myself and my partner. So I turned around and stopped and told him to stop it [...] At that point he approaches me head to head. For a few seconds, we confront each other. As I take a step back to leave he strikes me with an open hand in the face and hits me on my glasses, cutting my eyelid, nose and forehead.

"I understand that the situation is getting out of hand, I turn and leave following my partner. Not happy, the man follows us and shouts. He says: 'I'll kill you, you piece of s***. I'll kill you.'

"My partner and I continue to go towards the exit of the gate but the man begins to walk faster and faster, continuing to rant, insult us and threaten us with death."

Mr Delicato showing a cut on his eyelid
Mr Delicato suffered cuts and says he has also injured his shoulder -Credit:Mauro Delicato

Mr Delicato then claimed that the man got on top of him and attempted to punch him. He recalled: "At that point, I've had enough and decided to confront him by telling him he was exaggerating. My partner yells at him: 'leave my man alone'.

"But he continues and with his head and shoulders forward approaches me. At that point, I thought he would hit me again and I try to anticipate it."

'I thought he had a knife'

He added: "I fall and he gets on top of me trying to land blows. I struggle with my legs and try to push him away from me but I can't until some men take him away. My girlfriend was scared and in tears and kept yelling at him.

"At that point, I got up and was taken away, but I was too nervous to understand what was happening. I no longer had my glasses and I couldn't see, but fortunately, they were returned to me. I don't remember whether from the good Samaritan or from my partner.

"I was very agitated but also in shock and I started screaming, telling him that he was a criminal and a bully and that I would report him to the police [...] On several occasions, the man put his hand in his pocket during the death threats, so much so that I thought he had a knife."

Mauro Delicato pictured in a street wearing a grey t-shirt
Hotel assistant manager Mauro Delicato says he doesn't feel safe in London anymore -Credit:Adam Toms/MyLondon

The Italian then described his dealings with two British Transport Police (BTP) officers at the station. He said: "One of the two policemen takes my statement and my girlfriend's, while the other policeman listens to the other man. To my enormous amazement, I realize that [the] policeman lets the attacker go away, and I am left stunned."

'The man was dangerous'

Mr Delicato added: "I film the two policemen and criticise them by saying that they shouldn't have left a dangerous individual like that around. He could have attacked someone else. The man was dangerous.

A screengrab from video recorded by Mr Delicato of he and his partner speaking to two police officers
Mr Delicato says he is frustrated after officers at Liverpool Street 'let his alleged attacker go' -Credit:Mauro Delicato

"[...] At this point, I get angry with the police because I just couldn't understand why they made the attacker go away and I criticise [an officer's] actions and I tell him: 'did you see if he had a knife in his pocket? Have you done a criminal back check on him?' [The officer] doesn't take it well and tells me: 'I know the law, not you' and continues with: 'Do you want me to do it to you?'

"I am surprised but I agree. [The officer] asks me for the data. I give it to him and he does the criminal check. He looks at the result and then he showed it [to his colleague]. [The officer], with a strange look on his face, takes the phone and says to [his colleague] let's go.

"He leaves without saying goodbye and without asking or giving any other explanations. My partner and I are left perplexed again because leaving like that seemed rude and incomprehensible to us."

MyLondon approached BTP for comment on Wednesday, June 26. Mr Delicato said at 3.08pm the following day that he had received a call from the force, providing him with a crime reference number. He claims to have waited 10 days to receive one.

A spokesperson for BTP said: "Officers were at Liverpool Street station at approximately 11.30pm on June 17 when they received a report of a fight involving two people. Enquiries into the incident are ongoing."

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