'Audacious' Car Thieves Who Preyed on Garage Users in West Midlands Jailed

West Midlands Police have released CCTV footage of what they described as “some of the most audacious car thefts we’ve ever seen” after a pair of thieves were jailed on September 24.

Police said the footage showed William Lewis sneaking up on motorists at garages in Solihull and east Birmingham.

Lewis, who police said worked alongside Nelson Herne, is seen jumping into the vehicles and speeding off as the owners’ backs are turned.

In a statement, Det Sgt Mick Clark thanked a woman who found Lewis on Facebook after her car was stolen. “That was an important breakthrough and a good piece of detective work,” he said.

Herne and Lewis admitted conspiracy to steal vehicles between February and July 2020 and were jailed at Birmingham Crown Court for 27 months and 30 months respectively, police said.

West Midlands Police said detectives had also seized CCTV footage showing Lewis’s partner, Laura Lightwood, and Michelle While using bank cards taken from stolen vehicles at various shops.

Lightwood and While admitted fraud and handling stolen goods. “Lightwood received an 18-month community order, including a rehabilitation course, but While failed to attend court and is now wanted,” police said. Credit: West Midlands Police via Storyful

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