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An Audience with Adele viewers react to Stormzy ‘fangirling’ over the singer

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Fans were delighted to see Stormzy “fangirling” over Adele during the singer’s ITV special, An Audience with Adele.

The British rapper was among the celebrity guests in the audience at the London Palladium, where the event was filmed earlier this month.

Stormzy’s name began trending on social media following ITV’s broadcast of the concert on Sunday (21 November).

Fans called the rapper “charming” and praised his friendship with the “Rolling in the Deep” singer.

Journalist Dionne Grant shared a photo of the two musicians from the event, accompanied by a caption reading: “When Stormzy stands to ask Adele a question, she mentions that they are ‘super close’ and that they had a ‘real moment with the ocean and God last summer. We felt a presence around us and said ‘let’s go get life.’”

One viewer added: “Alan Carr belting a tune out, Emma Thompson dancing away and Stormzy ... singing every Adele lyric. This is Britain at its finest.”

Author Bolu Babalola wrote: “Mainly ambivalent about my Britishness until I watch something like Adele in London Palladium with Emma Thompson tryna get everyone up on their feet and Stormzy being all shy asking a question and then I’m like oi oi saveloy.”

Babalola added: “Stormzy is so cute.”

Another user wrote: “I just love that Stormzy and Adele went on holiday together. Like my faves are really each other’s faves.”

Someone else quoted a lyric from the rapper’s 2017 track “Big For Your Boots”, writing: “‘Rudeboy, you’re never too big for Adele’ Stormzy wasn’t lying and when I see him on screen it’s all I think.”

“Is there anyone more inherently wholesome than Stormzy?” asked one viewer, while another wrote that the moment “made my heart jump”.

“Watching Stormzy totally ‘fangirling’ over Adele is honestly 1 of the best things I’ve ever seen,” added another user on Twitter.

Adele and Stormzy’s close friendship has been documented for years.

In a new interview with The Face following the release of her latest album, 30, Adele said she admired the rapper for his vulnerability.

“I love how open he’s been about his mental health the entire time and I don’t think many people were doing that when he first came out,” she said.

“His mum’s done a f***ing wonderful job with him.”

Viewers of An Audience with Adele were also delighted to discover Emma Thompson to be a massive fan of the singer.

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