Audiences praise Corrie's Jack P. Shepherd for portrayal in male rape storyline

Mike P Williams

Coronation Street fans have voiced their support for tackling a male rape story this week.

The long-running soap aired a harrowing episode whereby David Platt (played by Jack P. Shepherd) was the victim of rape, after being drugged.

In the episode, David was drugged and ‘date raped’ by attacker Josh. He woke up dazed and confused in a strange bed (Josh’s) and left with a note saying he’d gone to the gym.

David had no recollection how he go there or what happened, and immediately got a taxi home, where he was greeted by Shona and mum Gail, who lambasted and mocked him respectively and without knowing the ordeal he’d been through.

The Corrie star was commended for his role. (ITV)

The following scenes were some of Corrie’s most haunting in recent memory, as viewers saw the man break down in the shower as he tried to scrub himself ‘clean’ after the sexual assault.

Shona assumed he was suffering a massive hangover, as Gail branded him a ‘dirty stop out’, but little did they know what he was going through.

Fans of the ITV soap were quick to heap praise on the programme’s attempt to address the still taboo subject.

David Platt struggles to accept he was raped. (ITV)

David tries to ‘clean’ himself the aftermath of being raped. (ITV)

There were some poignant comments on how viewers could relate; thanking producers for tackling the subject.

One tweeter congratulated Corrie’s ‘harrowing’ storyline while reflecting on his own real-life experiences. ‘I think it’s not talked about enough in Soap and I shake everyone at @Corrie by the hand and thank them for addressing it.’

This morning’s Lorraine also addressed the harrowing scenes and acknowledged the positive reception the show received for going ahead with such a grueling storyline.

Corrie’s Jack Shepherd was praised for his portrayal. (ITV)

Hollyoaks addressed a male rape storyline back in 2000, where Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) was raped by Mark Gibbs (Colin Parry). The pair have since returned to Chester where the upsetting storyline reprised almost 20 years later.

If you need help or advice regarding sexual assault, visit Rape Crisis for more information and support.

Catch the next Coronation Street Wednesday, at 8.30pm, on ITV1.

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