Piers Morgan offends viewers with crass #MeToo joke on Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan has been widely criticised for his flippant comments about #MeToo on today’s Good Morning Britain.

During a segment of the ITV1 breakfast programme, he and co-host Susanna Reid, 47, were discussing Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd dynamic in the classic show Moonlighting.

When a photo of the famous actors came up on the screen, Piers, 52, suggested they recreate the up-close-and-personal scene.

‘Come on, come on, you know you want to,’ he began. ‘Come on, dangle your little arm around me, you know you want to. We’ve got to try and recreate it, come on.’

Piers decided to goad her further by bringing the #MeToo sexual assault and harassment movement into it, in an attempt to mock. ‘You’re allowed to. I’m not going to “#MeToo” you! Come on. You’re allowed to touch me in the workplace, come on.’

Viewers were angered by Morgan’s latest comments live on air. (REX)
Viewers were angered by Morgan’s latest comments live on air. (REX)

Naturally, Susanna hit back with a biting retort to put the loud-mouthed presenter in his place. ‘ It’s about whether I want to, not whether you allow me to. I don’t want to put my arm around you,’ she replied.

When a photo appeared of Willis playfully going to bite Shepherd’s neck, Susanna instantly laid down the rules to her hapless co-host. ‘You’re definitely not doing that,’ she said hastily. ‘Even you wouldn’t go there – because I wouldn’t let you!’

Viewers, it appears, were even less forgiving as they vented their anger over his comments on Twitter.

Piers and Susanna rarely see eye-to-eye. (ITV)
Piers and Susanna rarely see eye-to-eye. (ITV)

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are all about speaking out on unwanted attention, sexual harassment, and sexual assault in all walks of life. This includes exposing those in the workplace for their leering advances or full-on sexual assaults committed against those in less powerful and more vulnerable positions.

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