Aussie mum turns home into vintage paradise and fills wardrobe with items costing less than £5.60

A thrifty mum filled her entire wardrobe with secondhand clothes - with all items costing less than £6.

Nadine Stephens, 47, began looking in thrift shops for old fashion and furniture 20 years ago.

At the time Nadine, from Brisbane, Australia, was in a low income family with four children to provide for - so it was a necessity.

But she fell in love with finding incredible secondhand goods - so decided that she wanted to adopt the lifestyle for good.

The schoolteacher committed to turn her home into a vintage paradise filled with hand-me-down goods and upcycled furniture.

Not just that, but she opted to make her whole wardrobe secondhand too - and it saves her A$5,000 (£2,820) a year.

Nadine sees it as her way of saving some money and doing her bit for the planet - and says it's easier than you think.

She said: "I have a love of all things quirky and you don't get that in mainstream stores.

"If I can avoid buying new, I will - I don't see the point of it when there are so many second-hand things out there.

"I think there is still a mindset that secondhand means bad quality - people can't believe some of the things I get!

"I even get friends asking if I can teach them how to thrift shop.

"But it's just about having patience and waiting to find the thing you need - it comes when you least expect it.

"Other than that, I don’t really find it any different to shopping normally.

"Except you come out with a better mindset because you are saving the planet - and thousands of dollars!"

Nadine began shopping secondhand as she raised her four children and found money was tight.

But the more she did it, the more she became hooked on finding all sorts of amazing items with slashed prices.

The mum-of-four filled her wardrobe to the brim with unique and quirky outfits which perfectly suited her style.

And because she bought them all from thrift shops and car boot sales, nothing in her wardrobe cost more than A$10 (£5.60).

She explained that she puts together a list of items she wants to buy, and shops around to find them secondhand.

Sometimes, Nadine doesn't find the item she needs - but she still wouldn't go out and buy it new because she committed to a secondhand lifestyle.

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