Australia tourism bosses cause outrage by censoring 'full frontal' kangaroo Facebook pic

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Kangaroo Photo Too Risque for Facebook? (ABC News)

Tourism staff in Australia have caused anger by deciding to censor a picture of a kangaroo posted on Facebook.

Tourism Australia posted a picture of 'Big Baz' on their Facebook page, but drew complaints after their picture pixelated the animal's genitals.

Dozens of Facebook users were angry the photographed had been censored, despite Tourism Australia intending the picture to be a light-hearted joke.

The caption on their Facebook image read: 'Enjoying a lazy afternoon at Featherdale Wildlife Park *Censored for Facebook.'

The picture showed the kangaroo relaxing on the grass at Featherdale Wildlife Park.'

One Facebook fan, Martyn Hobbins, wrote: 'How utterly pathetic. Censored for Facebook. You have just lost ALL my respect. I shall now remove the link to you, goodbye. Oh, and grow up.

'I was brought up in my teens in Australia. You do not represent the Australia I knew and loved.'

Another user, Natasha Duncan, added: 'It's ridiculous that the reproductive organs of an animal are blurred out. How many sickos out there think this is sexual. Society sickens me.'

A Tourism Australia spokesperson said: 'Anybody who's familiar with our Facebook page knows we like to have bit of fun with our posts and when Featherdale Wildlife Park sent us this cracker of a photo we just couldn't resist sharing it with our fans - in all of its magnificent glory. Or nearly all!'

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