Diver Captures Moment Great White Shark Is Tagged

A diver in the waters off Neptune Islands, South Australia, recorded footage of a great white shark being tagged for research purposes.

Keen marine photographer Jules Casey shared the footage to her Instagram account on October 27.

In the footage, Casey climbs into a cage and gets up close to a to a great white shark as it swims near the surface before being tagged by Andrew Fox of Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions.

Casey told Storyful: “I was spending five nights on the Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions. We saw several great white sharks on this trip.”

She explained that “Rodney Fox was a great white shark attack victim who has devoted his life to shark conservation and research.” She added, “Rodney’s son Andrew is in charge of leading the shark expeditions out of Port Lincoln, South Australia.”

Casey said, “There’s so much information we don’t know about these beautiful creatures so tagging them will aid researchers with shark conservation.” Credit: Jules Casey via Storyful

Video transcript