Awesome Chips and Wings opening in Nottingham soon

A mobile phone repair shop in Nottingham is being transformed into a new fast food restaurant called Awesome Chips and Wings. Double fried Dutch-style chips will be served alongside chicken, with a wide variety of rubs and sauces for both.

The original brand Awesome Chips has branches in Leicester, Birmingham and London but Nottingham will be the first to have wings added in a bid to expand the appeal. Roni Dalal, the founder of Awesome Chips and Wings, said: "Historically we've only ran Awesome Chips stores, small stores for fast food, come in, collect and leave. This store is a lot bigger, so we have put seating in and increased the menu as well.

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For added flavour fries are served with a choice of two rubs or peppers from a list including cayenne pepper, masala pickle, barbecue and jerk - or simply salt and vinegar. To take it up another notch are 20 toppings and sauces with options such as Cajun, chipotle, mango chilli lime and ketchup - all made in-house.

Waffle fries and pizza fries that are infused with cheese can also have the same rub and sauce treatment as will the chicken, that will come as wings, boneless and drumsticks. There will be a wide vegan offering too.

Shopfitters are busy converting the premises in Albert Street with a proposed opening date towards the end of July. Nottingham has had similar chips and sauce concepts before with the likes of Sauce 'Em, Mr Frites and Frites 33, which have all since closed.

It is eight years since Mr Dalal first opened in Leicester and claimed copycat takeaways weren't offering enough to make the business viable in a city where locals were more likely to frequent fish and chip shops.

"I don't feel certain sites or towns you could just do chips and survive. I think Nottingham might be one of those and that is why we have changed the concept to include chicken. We have looked at how we can increase the numbers in terms of having a complete meal rather than just having chips and this is going to be our test."

Mr Dalal has a target of 50 stores within the next seven years. He is no stranger to Nottingham, or growing brands.

He previously owned a chain of 28 Zumo Juice Bars, including one in Broadmarsh shopping centre, before selling the brand in 2007.