Ayrshire firm behind 'Iron Brew' flavour pakora eye up new factory site

Pictured are Vinita Duggal and son Dhruv Duggal, from Punjab Pakora
Pictured are Vinita Duggal and son Dhruv Duggal, from Punjab Pakora -Credit:Alasdair MacLeod/Ayrshire Post

The Ayr firm behind Aldi’s ‘Iron Brew’ flavoured pakora is eyeing up a new factory site in the Heathfield Industrial Estate.

Family-run firm, Punjab Pakora, has identified a site within the estate on which to build a new factory and scale their business up. In a planning application to South Ayrshire Council they have requested permission to build a new “bespoke” manufacturing facility as demand for their products grows.

Agents in the proposals are LMA Architects in Ayr, who represent the applicant, Mr Dhruv Duggal.

They said in a supporting statement: “Punjab Pakora are a local award-winning business who are approaching their tenth year in operating in Ayr, with demand for their products seeing the firm look to expand their premises in 2024 and double their workforce.

“Director Vinita Duggal, who runs Punjab Pakora with husband Kushal and their three children, have aspirations to grow the business further and having moved three times over the past 10 years, now need a permanent, fit for purpose facility.”

The agents also go on to say that the Scottish-inspired Indian dish is currently made in Crown Street in Newton-On-Ayr, who supply their selection of pakoras – including chicken, vegetable and haggis – to Aldi, Sainsburys and Iceland.

Owners Kushal and Vinita Duggal along with staff
Owners Kushal and Vinita Duggal along with staff -Credit:Ayrshire Post

The business, which operates with a 42-strong workforce, also produce curries such as chicken tikka masala, kormas and chicken jalfrezi. Aldi Scotland sold over three million pieces of pakora in 2022 - thanks to its partnership with the Duggal family.

LMA Architects also said that the proposals seek to “develop and grow” the brand and business of Punjab Pakora and the proposed development would create a number of permanent local jobs. The proposals also seek to create a new access from the unclassified road which is already formed within the industrial estate (behind Dingbro) and include parking facilities at vacant land on Whitfield Drive.

Plans show a production area, reception, boxing area, pallet wrap area, office space, WC’s, staff area and more. The applicants hope that a "small element" of on-site retail would be permitted from the reception area on a "drop-in basis" but would be limited to something like their current set-up.

The proposals are listed as ‘pending consideration’ on South Ayrshire Council’s online planning portal and a decision on them is expected in late May.

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