Baby babbling in 'Scouse accent' in brilliant video takes internet by storm

A video of a baby babbling in her distinctive accent has gone viral. The cute clip shows baby Orla displaying her scouse accent - even though she can't speak properly yet.

The video - captioned "I love our conversations" - went down a storm after being posted on social media, attracting millions of likes and views.

The child's baby speak was caught on camera by one of her mum's friends, totally unaware she was recording the youngster's Liverpool twang, but without speaking a word of English.

Viewers have loved the clip.
Viewers have loved the clip. -Credit:@iamcustardpot

The Mirror reports the developing accent can be heard in the video, with its babysitter unaware of how her child sounded to others watching.

Posting on TikTok, Olayka, @iamcustardpot, captured a discussion with baby Orla - who she was looking after on behalf of her mum Rhiannon - as the two perched on a bed.

She added in the comments that the child is a "cutie patootie" and the clear scouse accent was picked up on by viewers, many of whom were quick to comment.

One commenter said: "How does that baby have a scouse accent but no words." They added a series of laughing emojis, with many other TikTok users also raising the unusual accent. Another added: "A baby scouse accent is killing me."

A third user said: "Gibberish in a scouse accent is killing me." Most people posted variations of the same stunned exclamation, with another saying: "Bro mastered the scouse accent but no words." People were also quick to make the connection elsewhere online.

One user shared the footage on X, formerly Twitter. The TikTok was later shared by @BeardedGenius, who said: "I could tell you this is baby talk in a Scouse accent and it still won’t prepare you for it."

Baby Orla chats away.
Baby Orla chats away. -Credit:@iamcustardpot

Millions of people were clearly tickled by the unusual video, as it has now racked up 2.4 million likes and tens of thousands of comments on TikTok. Custard Pot did eventually reply acknowledging the accent.

She said "how cute" when one commenter brought it up. Olakya told the BBC neither she nor her friend had noticed the accent before, as they were "all scouse". She said it was "so funny".

She added: "I had never picked up on her Scouse accent before because we are all Scouse". She added her family cracked up at the realisation the "little character" had no idea either. She said: "The funny thing is she has no idea how famous she has become."

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