Baby Reindeer's 'Martha' to 'appear' at nightclub as fuming followers blast stunt as 'grotesque'

A Coventry nightclub has sparked outrage online after claiming a 'world exclusive' public appearance by Baby Reindeer's real life 'Martha'.

Kasbah Nightclub shared a promotional image on its Facebook page, which boasts 44,000 followers, stating that 'Martha' would be making a 'personal appearance' to 'sign autographs, take selfies and maybe take some lucky reindeer home to hang her curtains'.

Earlier this month, the Record exclusively reported the identity of the Scots law graduate who was claiming to be the inspiration for Martha. It is not known if Fiona Harvey is the person who will be appearing at the club, or if it's an elaborate online hoax.

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Harvey claimed that the Netflix miniseries, which portrays a former lawyer conducting a relentless stalking and harassment campaign against writer and screen star Richard Gadd, was purely a 'work of fiction'.

The chilling seven-episode series is labelled as a 'true story' by Netflix, detailing how Fife-born comic Gadd's character Donny receives hundreds of hours of unwanted voice messages and over 40,000 emails from 'Martha', a woman he encounters at his place of work.

Kasbah Nightclub is notorious for its previous pranks on fans, including a false assertion that Donald Trump's lawyers demanded the removal of a picture of the president from promotional images, reports Birmingham Live.

The nightspot is now under fire over a claim it will host Harvey at an upcoming weekend event. Followers were less than impressed by the news.

On Kasbah Facebook page, Christina Morgan-Danvers posted: "This isn't OK, don't take advantage of someone so vulnerable."

Whilst Joshua Maguire commented: "This nightclub is forever embarassing the city."

Ayaz Ali labelled the move as: "This is grotesque."

Jasmine Harlow pointed out: "Imagine if it was a guy who had claims of stalking a woman then this nightclub paying him to sign autographs! This is absolutely sick."

Kasbah replied to one critic: "The actor starred in a series based on his own true life story, he literally created the publicity for her? He's laughing all the way to the bank mate."

Last week, Harvey, originally from Fyvie in Aberdeenshire, sat down with former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan in an explosive TV clash on his YouTube channel.

In the hour-long show, Harvey spoke openly about being outed as Richard Gadd's alleged stalker.

She was grilled regarding allegations that she became obsessed with the Scots comedian over a period of years.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly earlier today, Piers revealed that despite Harvey's disappointment that she was only offered £250 for the interview, he would not be paying her any more cash after she appeared on the front of Tuesday's Daily Record demanding £1m from the TV host.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Record on Monday, the Scots law graduate revealed she was fuming after her appearance on his YouTube Uncensored show made the star at least £250,000 already.

The interview has been watched by more than 11million viewers and will continue to make money for Morgan every time it is viewed on his YouTube channel.

But Harvey revealed she wants a bigger slice of the pie from the show’s revenue and will “settle for” seven figures.

Fiona said: “They offered me £250 and I asked if that was what they paid everyone and, if so, I wanted to see documentation to that effect.

“That documentation has not been forthcoming. I have not signed a contract for the interview and I will be seeking far more than a piddling £250.

“I’d settle for a million."

Ahead of the bombshell interview, Harvey told the Record she was "not happy" with Piers' questioning after recording the chat in London, describing the interview as a “sparring match”

Many - including Lorraine Kelly - shared their concerns about Piers' interview with the 'real Martha'.

Lorraine spoke about the interview on last Thursday's episode of her ITV chat show ahead of Piers' interview, saying: "That's Piers Morgan there with the 'real-life Martha' from Netflix's hit show, Baby Reindeer, his interview is going to be out later today.

"Apparently, the stalking drama was based on her with [actress] Jessica Gunning playing a version of her in the show but it's also a drama, it was based on real true life. I just hope the 'real-life Martha' is actually alright, that she's okay and she's going to be fine to be interviewed..."

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