The Bachelor fans criticise producers for ‘thoughtless’ one-on-one date

The Bachelor fans criticise producers for ‘thoughtless’ one-on-one date

The Bachelor fans have questioned the producers’ choice to send Joey and Daisy on a helicopter ride to a music festival for their first one-on-one date.

On the second episode of season 28, which aired on Monday (29 January), Joey took 25-year-old Daisy on a helicopter ride to California’s biggest country music festival, BeachLife Ranch.

Before the date, however, Daisy – who experienced significant hearing loss as a teenager – told the other women that she was nervous to tell Joey about her recent cochlear implant.

Speaking to the camera before boarding the helicopter, Daisy admitted that she was “panicking a little bit because I have to get in a helicopter and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to hear him”.

After putting on the helicopter’s headsets, though, she was relieved to find out that her hearing was not affected. When they arrived at the music festival, Daisy told the cameras that it “was pretty loud”.

“If there’s a lot of conversations, it’s hard for me to follow, but [Joey] has really good eye contact,” she added.

Later that evening, when the two sat down for dinner, she opened up to Joey about her hearing impairment. Daisy explained that she had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and that her “hearing kept getting worse”.

“So, the reason that I can communicate with you the way that I can is because I have a cochlear implant, and I’m still learning with it,” she said. “If I can’t see your face, it’s going to be really hard for me to understand what you’re saying.”

Following the episode, several fans took to X to call out the show’s producers for putting “Daisy, who has a hearing impairment, IN A HELICOPTER FOR HER DATE”.

“Which Bachelor Producer thought it would be a good idea?” one viewer questioned.

“The producers are so cruel for putting Daisy on a helicopter date. She’s not going to be able to hear anything and she hasn’t even had a chance to tell him,” a second wrote.

“Environment: *as loud and thoughtless as possible* Daisy: for some reason im not feeling like now is a great time to tell him,” another pointed out.

“Me if I ever get to talk to production about sending Daisy on a date where she has to use headsets in a helicopter and listen to music at a festival when they know she feels anxiety about how to tell Joey about her cochlear implant,” another added, alongside a Schitt’s Creek “I think you’re kind of rude” gif.

At the end of the episode, Joey sent three women home while Lauren chose to eliminate herself from the competition.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm ET.